As the generations and technology changes, form of art also changes from paper and pencil to software, JNAFAU identified the requirements and opportunities of animation in different industries of entertainment and IT.

University considered the international requirements and developed 4 year professional curriculum for Graduation in Animation. The curriculum and standards of the course includes from the strong foundation of art to the high end technology to match with requirements of the international production houses.


  • Finished 10+2 or equivalent govt. recognized degree
  • Passion for Design, Creative thinking
  • Students from Fine arts are also most welcome
No. Of seats :40
Duration :4 Years (8 semesters)
Admission Procedure :Entrance test or equivalent


Obtaining a BFA in Computer Animation can lead to careers in the film, game or art industries. With knowledge of design principles and with skills in drawing and technical aspects, individuals may pursue jobs as one of the following:

  • Concept artists

  • Story boarders

  • 3-D modelers

  • Animators

  • Technical artists

  • Advertising

  • Online and Print News Media

  • Film & Television

  • Cartoon production

  • Theater

  • Video Gaming

  • E-learning

Animation is nothing but creating life to the creators/organic objects there are many forms animation from the past decade its starts from Traditional Animation to the latest motioncapture as mention blower There are different kinds of techniques to create animation.

Traditional Animation– In this technique you use series/sequential photographs of drawings drawn on paper with pen or pencil

Stop Motion Animation– It is created by physically manipulation of real world objects and photographing each frame of film.

Computer Animation – Computer Animation are of two types 2D and 3D. In 2D bit graphics however 3D graphics is created a 3D polygon mesh.

Motion capture– It is the technique of capturing the realtime Actions/Motions from the live actors to the 3d interpreted characters/Objects.

Earlier animation industry was dominated by west but India is also becoming a hub for animation A Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) is also a very important course to step in the animation arena. A bachelor’s degree in animation and the BFA are four-year courses. Your career in animation will be full of opportunities, giving you the chance to work in a number of different roles. Make sure that you find the right qualifications that will enable you to enter this world of animation.

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