Diploma in Movie/ sound Editing and Re-recording

we believe that educating students about core skills is most essential, while incorporating new technologies, this has resulted in evolving this curriculum over the years. Within a few months, the students competently operate “Industry Standard Recording Technology” and essentially pick up the responsibility of creating complete sound tracks for the student films made at the institute.We have three audio engineering programmes which introduce students to the theories, practices, and tools used in digital audio production, focusing on the fundamental theories and concepts behind various types of digital audio tools. The techniques and technology typical to professional location sync sound, music recording and film post production, using advanced consoles and virtual mixers.Topics include: studio procedures and professionalism, computerised console operation, advanced signal flow, signal processing, analytical and critical listening skills, microphone techniques, recording session management, moving fader automation systems, basic mix down strategies, stereo mix techniques and much more.

Qualification: Intermediate (or) equivalent to 10+2

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